At Jubilee Academy, We Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten, Learn All about Jesus, Make Friends and Have Fun! We're So Excited for You to Join Our Jubilee Family!

We also Provide a Home Away from Home for All of Our Awesome Homeschool Friends!!

To All the Busy Parents Wondering If Your Child Will Be Ready for Kindergarten, or are Looking to Engage Your Child in a Fun & Exciting Learning Environment, While Making New Friends & Escaping Boredom…


You Might Be Struggling With:

  • Being worried your preschooler is falling behind & won’t be ready for kindergarten

  • Wondering if your preschooler/homeschooler will know how to socialize & make friends

  • Your child being bored to tears at home and needing an energy outlet

  • Feeling stir-crazy, and looking for some consistency and normalcy in your routine

  • Feeling like your child is missing out on playing with friends & learning about Jesus

  • Not having enough time in the day to teach your child or just needing a little help

And All You Want Is To:

  • Have peace of mind that your child is on track, having fun learning and exploring, will be more than ready for kindergarten and not stressed or overwhelmed

  • Help your child socialize, make friends & play

  • Have another loving mom of 5 teach & entertain your child 2- 3- or 5-days each week

  • Give your child something to look forward to & additional opportunity to learn all about Jesus & get kinder-ready and/or expand on their already developed skills

  • Create fun, loving childhood memories for your child

If So… We’ve Got Exactly What You Need!


New Palestine's Premier Learning Program for Ages 3-12

(Strictly a Learning Center... NOT a Full-time Daycare! However, Before & After Care is Available During the School Year & we offer Jubilee Jam Summer Playschool!)

***We Follow New Palestine School District's Operating Schedule,

Minus All scheduled e-Learning/Virtual Days - We Will Be Open***

So, you can rest easy at night, knowing your child will be prepared for kindergarten or their next grade in school, make friends, and have fun. We're so excited for you to join our Jubilee family!

When you're here, you're family! You'll love our warm, bright, in-home school, and your child will love our 1-on-1 attention with our small class sizes and 2 Teachers!

Additional Services Offered by Jubilee:

Jubilee Jam Summer Playschool!

Open June 1st through July 29th

(Closed 7/4-7/8)

Register Before 5/31 for 50% off Your Registration Fee!


Learn All About Jesus, Make Crafts & Play!

Available One Saturday Each Month! Pick Your Date & Time!

~ 3 Hour Class - 2 Timeslots, One Saturday every Month

Superbook Saturday Schedule for 2022:

June 11, 2022: In the Beginning, The Story of Creation

July 16, 2022: Noah and the Ark

August 13, 2022: A Giant Adventure, David and Goliath

September 10, 2022, Roar! Daniel and the Lion's Den

October 1, 2022, Let My People Go! The Story of Exodus

November 12, 2022, Miracles of Jesus

December 10, 2022: The First Christmas, The Birth of Jesus

I'm Passionate About Teaching!

Hi! I'm Miss Brandy, and for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a teacher. I have enjoyed homeschooling my youngest son for the last 2 years utilizing a Christian curriculum.

I am a preschool teacher for my local church on Sundays and may have already met some of you there! Having a faith-based and play-centered curriculum is very important to me as children naturally learn through play, exploring and discovery. I am passionate about leading children to Christ, and I just love when the kids get excited about Jesus.

I am pursuing furthering my education in early childhood education. I am a licensed provider approved by the state of Indiana, a certified substitute teacher, CPR and First Aid certified. I love when children's eyes light up when they learn & discover something new!

Now, I hope to get to teach YOUR child! I can't wait!!

Your Child Will Thrive By:

Being Taught by Experienced and Loving Teachers!

Gaining Confidence in a Healthy & Safe Environment, Without the Crazy!

We use common sense and keep our preschool clean and sanitized. However, we refuse to mask our children inhibiting their ability to efficiently breathe free air. Additionally, we do not believe any child should be forced to socially distance themselves from their peers by sitting 6-feet apart, separated by plexiglass materials, cardboard, or sitting for story-time in makeshift, distanced hula-hoop circles. If our beliefs in these simple freedoms for the most vulnerable offend you, please choose another preschool.

Receiving Individualized Curriculum to Be Prepared for Kindergarten!

Regardless of where your child is at, we will help your preschooler develop skills needed for kindergarten preparedness! We utilize the Bible, My Father's World, Abeka Academy and Fundamental preschool curriculums to make sure your child's learning experience is the most engaging.

Being Part of a Small Class for Maximum 1-on-1 Attention!

Your child will never fall through the cracks or be left out! On the contrary: your preschooler will get lots of 1-on-1, personalized attention with our small class sizes with 2 Teachers!


For Homeschool Parents and Caregivers: Jubilee Homeschool Helpers

We know firsthand the struggles of both parents working, or perhaps a single parent raising a child alone, yet desiring to take control of their child's education, desiring for their child to enjoy the advantages of homeschooling but struggle with work demands, are unable to provide their child with a safe place to work on their chosen curriculum or simply be supervised and engage in educational play while mom or dad is at work.

Parents across this country are choosing to homeschool their children in droves for good reason. Homeschool is significantly on the rise and will continue to be an option parents choose in the future. If you need a homeschool "helper" or a safe and welcoming home away from home for your homeschooler while you work, part-time or full-time, please consider joining Jubilee Academy. We would love to help your family. Contact us for more information.

Your Child Will Love Everything About Their New School!

They Will:

Get Excited to Go to Preschool Every Day!

Each day, they’ll stay engaged with all our interactive, hands-on activities like story time, songs, hands-on activities, arts and crafts, movement games, learning centers and more.

Have Fun and Stay Engaged While Learning!

Our teacher will spark your child’s creativity in such a fun way that your child will develop an endless love of learning and will never be bored during class.

Thrive with a Consistent Schedule!

Your child will have the same teacher, friends, and schedule every day.

Make Close Friends!

Your child will soon have several best friends in class!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


"My boys had a blast playing with other kids their age. They love the crafts, the games, the obstacle course challenges! I love the homey atmosphere, the backyard garden and how the kids love to go Miss Brandy's house." - Christi S.

"You've been there for our family in a personal way, with love and support when we needed it. Thank you!" - Kim T.

"You go above and beyond to make every experience the best for the kids. You truly want them to have wonderful memories to cherish. I will recommend you to anyone & everyone!" - Maria J.

Our Curriculum Is Developmentally Appropriate


In addition to our Christian Curriculums,

We Use the Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum & PLAY!

This Curriculum Has Been Proven in Over 5,000 Local and Online Preschools!

Rest easy knowing your child is getting the best preschool education to prepare your child for kindergarten!

Your Child Will Develop ALL the Skills Needed for Success!

In our preschool, we teach all the skillsets below in an engaging, hands-on way!

  • Abeka Academy, BJU Press & Fundamentals Curriculums
  • Bible Lessons & Prayer
  • Memory Verses
  • Counting and Number Recognition/Formation
  • Letter Recognition/Formation and Sound
  • Colors & Shapes
  • Sensory PLAY
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Spiritual & Moral Foundations
  • Music, Singing & Dance
  • Literacy Skills, Early Reading & Sight Words
  • Life Skills
  • Social Skills - WWJD!
  • Community Helpers
  • Science Experiments
  • Creative Crafts
  • Gardening, Food Growing and Planting Skills
  • Responsibility & Teamwork Activities
  • And MORE!

Check Out Everything We Do Each Preschool Class!

And Each Day We Play In Our Learning Centers Too!

Here's Everything You'll Get With Our


And Because We Always Overdeliver...


We Have Limited Spots Left in Our Program as we are a Premier Preschool offering Small Class Sizes and 2 Teachers!



Look At Everything You'll Get When You Join Our Preschool!

Christian Preschool Curriculum

so your child is Kindergarten ready & Kingdom ready!

Preschool Classes through Play

so your child has fun while learning!

Free Field Trips & Events

so your entire family can have fun each quarter!

BONUS: Spanish Classes

so your child can learn a 2nd language!

BONUS: Virtual Field Trips

so your child can explore the world!

BONUS: Enrichment Videos

so your child can deepen their learning!

BONUS: Skill Builder Pack

so your child can build their Kinder skills!

BONUS: Assessments

so you'll know where your child is at!

BONUS: Weekly Newsletter

so you'll get helpful parenting tips & fun activities for home!

BONUS: End of Year Portfolio

so you can always remember their preschool years!

BONUS: T-Shirt & Welcome Kit

so your child can sport our preschool swag!

BONUS: Graduation

so you can celebrate your child's achievements!

Choose the Class That Works Best For Your Family!

Due to the exceptional value we offer our Jubilee Families, our classes will fill up fast. Please register soon to ensure your child receives a spot! Classes for the 2022/2023 school year begin Monday, August 1st and end on May 26th (We operate a full 10 months).

Be sure to also check out our summer program, Jubilee Jam, and our monthly

Superbook Saturdays!

Jubilee Jam
Summer Playschool
Weekly Tuition:
3 Days/Week = $39/wk.
5 Days/Week = $65/wk.
5 Days/Week + B/A Care = $165/week
(Open 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
Reg. Fee: $100
(Ages 3-12)
CHOOSE YOUR Enrollment:
3 Days/wk. 8:45-11:30 a.m.
5 Days/wk. 8:45-11:30 a.m.
5 Days + B/A Care (7AM-5PM)
8-8:30 Breakfast
12-12:30 Lunch


"I'm going to preschool!"
Tuition: $90/mo.
Reg. Fee: $150
(Ages 3-5, + Independent Twos)
(Optional Before & After (B/A) Care Available 7AM- 5PM)

B/A Care: Part Time = $30/Daily Rate


8:45-11:30 a.m.


"I LOVE preschool!"
Tuition: $135/mo.
Reg. Fee: $150
(Ages 3-5)
(Optional Before & After (B/A) Care Available 7AM- 5PM)

B/A Care: Part Time = $30/Daily Rate


8:45-11:30 a.m.

5 DAYS PER WEEK: Monday-Friday
"I want to go to preschool
Tuition: $225/mo.
Reg. Fee: $150

(Optional Before & After (B/A) Care Available 7AM- 5PM)

B/A Care: Full Time = $120/wk.


8:45-11:30 a.m.

Superbook Saturday:

2nd Saturday of Each Month

"I LOVE Superbook Saturdays - learning all about Jesus, playing with friends and doing crafts!"

Snack Provided

Daily Rate: $25/Class

(Ages 3-12)


9 a.m. - Noon

1- 4:00 p.m.

Got Questions?


What is your health and safety policy?

We follow our 24-hour sickness policy (your child must be clear of the following symptoms, without the aid of medications, for 24 hours before returning to school: fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea).

Do I have to buy school supplies or pay for field trips?

No. Your supplies are included with the cost of registration. All events and field trips are free for your child and your entire family!

Can I take a tour first?

Yes! Of course! We would love to give you a tour of our preschool. During the tour, we'll tell you all about us. At the end, we'll ask: "Would you like your child to come to our preschool?" If so, that's when we'll have you fill out the registration form and we'll collect the registration fee. Please call us to schedule a tour.

When does preschool start? Can I enroll mid-year?

Our school year operates parallel to the Southern Hancock School Corporation schedule providing a full 10-month preschool program: August - May. If we have availability, you can enroll mid-year. Please call us to see if we have any openings available.

When are you closed?

We will be closed during school breaks and designated holidays as outlined in our Parent Handbook which aligns directly with the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County District Calendar. However, we will not close for e-Learning days, teacher days, parent/teacher conference days or inclement weather.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for our all of our preschool families with 2 or more children enrolled. The 10% sibling discount also applies to our Jubilee Jam summer program. In order to receive a 10% discount, we will create a product and link specifically for your family. One Discount per Family. Founding Families will receive Founding Family Discount only.

Superbook Saturdays are excluded.

What is Jubilee Jam Summer Playschool?

Jubilee Jam is our summer program opening Wednesday, June 1st. Jubilee Jam is jam-packed with outside activities, sprinkler & water fun, crafts, bubbles, sensory play, gardening, art, puppet theatre, Bible fun, parachute play, tie-dye shirts, music, singing, dancing and visiting the backyard chickens (rest assured, our girls are pretty domesticated and live happily in their coop and attached run behind our fenced-in garden area.) We will have picnics, bake cookies, make mud-pudding, homemade pizzas, clay art and more. We will have special event days brought to the backyard of Jubilee, i.e., inflatables and face-paint. All supplies are included with the cost of registration. All events are free.

Jubilee Jam is open from June 1st - July 29th but we will be closed the week of Independence Day from July 4th - July 8th.

What is Superbook Saturday?

Superbook Saturdays are 3-hour Jesus-packed classes from either 9 a.m.-Noon or 1-4 p.m. (normally held on the second Saturday of each month**). During Superbook Saturdays your child will watch a Superbook episode which outlines a story from the Bible, we will read a corresponding story, practice a memory verse, make a corresponding craft, have snack and free play. This provides for extra bible lessons and playtime for your little one and gives mom or dad a chance to get things done that the kiddos aren't so excited about- such as grocery shopping, oil change, hair appointment- or simply provide your little one with a scheduled playtime while you rest easy knowing your child is being taken care of, learning about stories from the Bible and having a blast.

*Please register/pay for Superbook Saturday a week in advance so we can ensure we have sufficient craft supplies on hand for each child. Limited to 12 children per class.

**Superbook Saturday Schedule for 2022:

June 11, 2022: In the Beginning, The Story of Creation

July 16, 2022: Noah and the Ark

August 13, 2022: A Giant Adventure, David and Goliath

September 10, 2022, Roar! Daniel and the Lion's Den

October 1, 2022, Let My People Go! The Story of Exodus

November 12, 2022, Miracles of Jesus

December 10, 2022: The First Christmas, The Birth of Jesus

Call or Text Us Now to Schedule a Tour and Reserve Your Spot:


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